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Furnitures , Paintings , Chandelier , Glass and crystal ,
Sculptures , Ceramics , Clocks , Garden ornements ,
Architectures , Silver and Silverware , Books and papers ,
Dolls and toys , Carpets and tapistry


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Walnut , Mahogany , Oak , Pine , Other


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French , English , Europe in général , other

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US only , England , France ,

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Antiques shows & Exhibits , Merchants displays , Privates warehouses ,
Antiques stores


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Individuals , Brocantes dealers , Antiques dealers , in auctions


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*do you want that we find and organise the shipment and the transport of
your french merchandise?
Yes , or Not

*Would you like to come in France to see and appreciate the proposed merchandise?
Yes ,or Not necessarily

*To facilitate your travel and stay do you want to be lodged ? Yes , or Not

*Arrangement: In a hotel , In a private house , Near merchant's exhibits/events


*Do you need a translator during your purchases in France? Yes , or Not


*You wish to be informed via e.mail about merchants events for the whole
calendar year, in order to plan your trips.
Yes , or Not

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Phone: (011) 33
Fax: 1 (801) 730.8311
Web site:
Les Temps Anciens
Carole et Laurent Brugier

Today, the world's Art and Antique has no more frontier. France remains in this area a rich attic where many treasures are still asleep: memory of it's past.

To buy merchandise and because of your activity you will be driven to plan for several trips to our country or to negociate your purchases directly in US.

- In the first case, travel planning in addition of administration and custom can be difficult (transportation, lodging, search of niew merchandise.......) You might also, because of lack of time and misinformation about our inside French Antiques Network, be directed to big warehousses center where the merchandise is more expensive/ this happen in 99 % of the time when foreign Antiques dealers come to France.

- In the second case, you pay a lot of alternative sellers.
So why don't you get rid this alternative sellers, more expensive, and keep just one partner:

Les Temps Anciens

Here is a non exhaustive list of our services:

  1. Knowledge of the Antiques Purchasing Networks: we propose you antiques with the best price. Doing so, you will avoid to pay the merchandise at its high price.
  2. Because it is difficult for you to attend all antique's exhibits and events during the whole year, we undertake to buy and gather the merchandise* that interest your clientele.
  3. To select your merchandise at home, in the best conditions, we send you regular catalogues with pictures and informations via e-mail. This help you without any risk to respond quickly to the demand of your clients and give you a better vision to plan your futures purchases. With appointment our staff will meet and assist you with all your requests.
  4. If you want it, all the merchandise you select with us can be entirely restaured, ready to be sold in your shop.
  5. From the departure to the arrival , we can facilitate the transport organisation of your merchandise*.
  6. For the shipment and the transport of your french merchandise, we propose you to work with excellent companys.
  7. If you decide to stay in France, you can choose to be accompany with one of our business accompanist. This person, speaking english and french will help you in your negociation or your traduction with french antiques dealers*.
  8. To facilitate your travel and stay: we can provide arrangements for confortable lodging in a typical Provence site or directly near merchant's exhibits and events.
  9. Looking for a car rente, english translator, or any other service, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.We are here to facilitate your transactions and make your stay as pleasant as profitable.

*Ask for our General Sale's Term and our Sale Contract

You research the best strategy for your purchases,
We have the solution to give you the best professional and financial advantages.
We are here to give you the best
professional and financial advantages.